New Cycling Path Opening

National Day for the Various Divisions

National Day Celebrations

After two years of strict COVID-19 measures, our Holland-Bukit Panjang Town was finally able to hold proper celebrations for Singapore’s national day — and we did it with a bang!  A series of six festive events were held in honour of our nation’s 57th birthday. 

  • Bukit Panjang’s National Day Observance Ceremony & Brisk Walk 
  • Fajar Hills National Day carnival
  • Zhenghua National Day Observance Ceremony
  • Ulu Pandan National Day Dinner
  • Cashew National Day Celebrations
  • Bukit Timah National Day Carnival

Dengue Prevention

Dengue Operations

Dengue, the deadly viral disease that puts an estimated 40% of the world population at risk, is undeniably a cause for concern. Amidst diverse other initiatives, Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council (HBPTC) has been working with pest control teams and our conservancy to safeguard our town and its people.

Ulu Pandan Cleaner’s Appreciation & Tree Planting

Zhenghua Tree Planting

Zhenghua Carepack Distributions

You too can show your appreciation for migrant workers by taking responsibility for your living spaces to reduce the cleaners’ workload. You can also share a simple greeting and smile whenever you see them around the estate!

Bukit Panjang Cleaner’s Appreciation ,Tree Planting & Litter Picking

Bukit Panjang Community Garden Day

We were happy to see our residents turning up in hordes at our Bukit Panjang Community Garden Day! We can do our part to build a sustainable future by cultivating simple recycling habits.

Bukit Timah Cleaner’s Appreciation & Tree Planting

Cashew Cleaner’s Appreciation