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Town Improvement Projects
Neighborhood Renewal
Home Improvement Programme
Large Scale Renewal Programme

Town Improvement Projects

Covered Walkways
Sheltered Pick-Up Points

Complementing the HDB’s upgrading programmes, the Town Council has a steady stream of town improvement works.

To create a seamless town, more all-weather linkways are constructed to allow residents the ease of traveling from block to block. In addition, many of the Children’s playgrounds would be upgraded to introduce the new generation of equipment.

More recreational spaces, suitable for both games and community events allow residents to engage in play and recreation. These facilities include drop-off points, footpaths and fitness corners. More Resident’s Corner will also be constructed to facilitate social bonding amongst residents.

Neighbourhood Renewal Programme

With NRP, residents will be invited to participate actively by giving feedback and deciding collectively on the facilities for their precinct at a public forum.

NRP, which replaces IUP Plus, focuses on block and neighbourhood improvements. It is fully funded by the Government.

Lift Upgrading Programme

The Lift Upgrading Programme is designed to improve mobility and flat’s accessibility at your convenience with the lifts stopping at every floor. This also benefits the elderly, families with very young children, and the disabled.

Home Improvement Programme

The HIP helps residents deal with common maintenance problems in ageing flats, such as spalling concrete and ceiling leaks, in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

It also offers lessees a choice on the works they want to be included in the upgrading of their flats. Flats built up to 1986 which have not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme are eligible for HIP.

This upgrading is implemented by the HDB in collaboration with the Town Council.

Maintenance Programmes

Routine Maintenance

We keep our maintenance service at high standards for the comfort of our residents.

The works include:

  • Conservancy and cleansing work
  • Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical Services including lifts, pumps, public lighting
  • Building maintenance
  • Horticultural maintenance and grasscutting works

Cyclical Works and Maintenance

Through cyclical works, we are able to keep our buildings and facilities in good condition as they weather over time.

Repairs and Redecoration (R&R), re-roofing, electrical rewiring, lift works as well as replacement of lighting luminaries, boosters and transfer pumps.

Cyclical Maintenance

  • Repairs and Redecoration
  • Replacement of Booster Pumps & Water Pumps
  • Replacement of Hoisting Ropes / Sheaves of Lifts & Lifts
  • Replacement of Water Pipes
  • Reroofing
  • Re-wiring
  • Refuse Handling Equipment